We caught up with Discount Tire/TwoTwo Motorsports/Kawasaki’s Josh Grant yesterday at press day to check in with the SoCal native. JG was forced to miss out on the opening round of the 2015 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship due to a serious mid-week crash in the days leading up to round one. Check out what JG’s plans are for this weekend, the rest of the season and what the vibe is like at the TwoTwo Motorsports rig.

You had to skip the first round of the 2015 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship due to a midweek practice crash. For those that don't know, could you explain what happened?
Yeah, like you said, I had a crash earlier in the week at Lake Elsinore MX on Tuesday. I ended up dislocating my jaw, I bit part of my tongue off, I got a concussion and some broken ribs. I wasn't really able to do anything for a couple of days, so that's why I was forced to skip Hangtown. Leading up to Hangtown, though, I felt like I should go up and race, but honestly I'm glad I didn't after seeing that brutal track. I'm trying to tough through the pain out here at press day to see how riding feels.


With all of those injuries, there's no way you're feeling 100%, right?
No, not even close to being race ready. Like I said, I'm basically out here to see how I'm feeling.

Are you planning on trying to salvage some points out of this weekend since you're still pretty banged up?
I don't even know my approach yet for this weekend. I wanted to ride today to see how everything is feeling. There's no way for me to be 100% back to normal by the weekend since it's been just over a week. Again, it just all depends on how I'm feeling, so I'm still playing it by ear. That was the whole point of press day for me. I was able to go out and do some laps, but I'm no where near were I should be.


Since you had to miss out on the first round and everyone's already in the swing of things as far as the racing goes, will you look to come out swinging when you do come back?
Man, I wish it could be that easy, but unfortunately it's all about survival, right now. With Eli (Tomac) going 1-1 last weekend and the rest of the guys that are usually up front, it's going to be a different and interesting season. Where I'm at health-wise, though, is the question. I'm really not even sure if I should be lining up this weekend. It's still up in the air right now, so we'll see how I feel over the next 48 hours. If I feel like I can stomach two motos and get through it with some valuable points then that's where I'll be. I could go out and get 20th all day long to get some points, but if you can't get those valuable points then it's not worth it to me. I don't want to go out there and potentially screw up these injuries even more. Everyone saw me come out swinging last year, as I came out with a moto win. In the second moto I crashed on the first lap, got back up about 30 seconds behind last place and I made my way through the pack to get 13th or 14th place, so that was a bitter sweet feeling. Everyone knows that I've got speed outdoors and that's why it sucks that this crash happened just before the series started. If I choose not to race this weekend, then the plan is to just get healthy and come back even stronger. I especially want to race at Glen Helen because this is a hometown race for me, as I grew up riding at this track, but is it really the smartest choice? I'd hate to go out, ride for 20 minutes and pull off because then it's just not worth it for the team. And like I said, it might put me back even further, so those are the things I need to consider over the next 48 hours.

If you end up racing this weekend, the minimal travel for you and your family would have to work to your advantage, right?
Yeah, a little bit. It's like that for anybody, though. A lot of this industry is from or lives down here. Everyone is from Temecula, Riverside and places like that, so there's not a huge advantage for me because a lot of other people have that same advantage down here.


Over here at the Two Two Motorsports rig and even in the Discount Tire commercials, everything seems extremely family oriented. Does that put a lot of things into perspective for you?
Yeah, it absolutely puts everything into perspective for me. And that's how it's been for the entire season. I've been fortunate enough to come aboard this team and with the approach from Discount Tire to Chad (Reed) and I, it just works out. Having the whole family at the races is what it's all about. That's how it started with me; going to the track with my family was always really great, but to be able to do it at the professional level is even better. I look over and see my son playing with Chad's son knowing that they're the next generation of what we are. I'm really stoked that we're able to have it like this. It's not all corporate to were nobody is allowed inside the rig. It's much more laid back and I love it because it makes it that much more fun to be at the races.

When you do decide to come back, what's the plan for the remainder of the season even if it is later in the year?
I plan on coming out swinging and that's been my style forever. Most people know that I either go out and win or crash. I've always had the speed and nobody has ever doubted my will to go out and bring it. So no matter what race it is I'm going out there to fight.