It’s no secret that RC cars and trucks are a moto industry fixation, but only recently have companies began official sponsorships. Now several RC companies sponsor various teams and riders, and one of the most fanatic enthusiasts is Geico Powersports/Honda’s Justin Barcia. Apparently the teen sensation has been driving RC for years down at the Millsaps Training Facility and Team Associated recently picked him up, hooking him up with some very cool toys. Before the start of the East Coast series, we had Justin come out to the super-secret TransWorld Motocross RC testing grounds known as Lopez Ranch to play around for the day. While there, our buddy Dano from DVS Shoes was able to pull Barcia away from his controller long enough to talk shop.

After visiting Lopez Ranch, apparently Justin was inspired to up his game back home. When we ran into him at the Atlanta Supercross, he wanted to show us his latest creation: a revamped RC track that he and his buds have constructed at MTF. As you can see by shots taken with his iPhone, Justin takes his RC driving seriously, as he now has a full blown course that is perfectly lit for night driving.