Justin Weeks Needs Your Support

A few weeks ago, the motocross community was struck with some sad news.  Young up and comer, Justin Weeks, suffered a horrible crash during the week following the Budds Creek National. Justin had recently graduated from the amateur ranks at Loretta Lynn’s and made his professional debut at Unadilla scoring 18-15 moto scores.  After Budds Creek, Justin was at a local race in Michigan when his bike bogged on the face of a small double during practice.  The resulting crash sent the young Suzuki rider over the bars and directly into the face of the landing.  Among his injuries, Justin suffered a broken jaw and three fractured vertebrae.  While there is no visible damage to the spinal cord, Justin currently has no feeling below mid-chest.

Justin is lucky enough to have some very caring people in his life, and we recently spoke with his girlfriend, Maria.  She has taken the liberty of setting up a website for Justin on which she has regular updates on his condition and has set up a donation page for anyone willing to help out this fellow racer.  Most of us here at TransWorld are avid MX enthusiasts who not only follow the sport, but also ride on a regular basis, so news of this kind hits very close to home.  Having watched Justin at both Unadilla and Budds Creek, there is no doubt the kid has some talent.  Our thoughts are with Justin, his family and his friends.  Please take a few minutes to visit www.justinweeks381.com