Kevin Windham Gets His Points Back!

Back at the second round of the SX season in Phoenix, Kevin Windham made an aggressive block pass on David Vuillemin, and DV got launched off the track. Kevin went on to win the race, but afterwards, the new AMA Pro Racing crew lopped ten points off the 25 points K-Dub had earned for the win, but allowed him to keep the win and trophy.

Unhappy with the decision, the Factory Connection and Honda brass appealed, and today was the day for the hearing at the AMA headquarters. Apparently the process took most of the day, and was pretty intense. But after presenting their case, and deliberation by the AMA officials, Kevin received the full 25 points for the win.

That now moves K-Dub from a tie for third in the standings, to second spot behind Chad Reed, 144 to 124, and the 2004 SX championship just got a whole lot more interesting.

We’ll add further updates as we hear more.