Kickstart 4: The Final Chapter, is here! DVDs ship to customers today, and the movie hits iTunes on Black Friday, November 23.


PRICE: $24.95

Don’t think for a second that we are reviewing our own movie; that would be ridiculous! To do the honors, we recruited the best cinematographer in the motocross business, Taylor Congdon. Yes, that Taylor Congdon: producer of the Moto 4 movie that hit shelves and iTunes recently. Take it away, Taylor…

I can't believe four years have flown by since the release of the first Kickstart. I'm assuming since the subtitle is "The Final Chapter" it's the last of the franchise, which is too bad. One thing I can say though is Donn and the crew saved the best for last.

KS4 is by far the most hard-core, action packed, hilarious MX film of the franchise. The soundtrack, the riding, and the skits are all top notch. Being a filmmaker myself I can tell you one of the hardest things to get out of a rider is his true personality when the cameras are rolling. What I love about Donn and his movies is how he doesn't take the craft of being a "filmmaker" über serious. Which for me is one of my biggest down falls. When I make my films everything is done with a purpose. I always have the phrase in my head "Shoot to Edit". From the equipment being used to the composition of each shot to the questions asked, every detail is pre-planned. Whats so great about Donn is his confidence, he shoots at the hip and lets the cameras roll, he simply goes with the flow. He is so in tune with the industry and all the riders see him as bud, so they don't think twice when the camera is rolling. Which in turn makes a great film. You really get to see what the riders are really like. For me the skits are definitely the highlight of the film… Twitch and Maddos prank wars, Eli and his high powered rifle, Will Hann and Cole Seely taking the pickupkit to the masses, Justin Bogle throwing down some wicked FMX tricks and the one that tops them all is Trey and Ronny Mac. The Ronny Mac segment is worth its weight in gold… Back in the day DV12 invented goon riding but Ronny Mac
perfected it. I loved the Ronny Mac segment so much I think it's worth the $24.95 all by its self. Don't get me wrong, the riding, soundtrack and stoke factor is definitely NOT lacking… With locations like Zaca Station, Reed's Florida compound and Eli shredding a Colorado sand track, you'll be begging to go ride.

TWMX please tell me the subtitle isn't true! We MX fans MUST have our yearly holiday Kickstart.

Taylor Congdon