Realtree? What’s that? The full camo Battalion line from UNIT is perfect for landing any kind of creature, be it whitetail or womantail.

The sun is setting sooner, the leaves are changing and falling from trees, and the feel of autumn is in the air. For many, the final months of the year mean one thing and that is hunting. Covering your clothes in deer "musk" (it's urine people) and heading for the woods is a pilgrimage for some, and when the season is over they will have plenty of stories of the big buck that got away from their sights when they perched in the trees to share. Hiding from an animal that is utterly oblivious to your presence is key to the hunt, and for that you'll need to blend into the surrounding foliage with camo print. Then there are those that will never see the need in capping a deer for food since the meat department of the local grocery store is stocked each day.

What these two conflicting groups don't realize is that camouflage works for both! Be it hunting white tail or tail at the bar, using the green and brown print will help you catch the pelts you want. Of all the brands using the design in their fall styles, few are doing it as much and as well as the gang at UNIT.

They’ll never see you coming if you’re kitted out with the Battalion lanyard, iPhone 5 case, wallet, and hat.

The Battalion lanyard and its bottle opening attachment is perfect for popping open a camo bottle of Busch or getting the lid of a craft beer carried by a young yuppie girl.

When you need a quick escape, having keep components like your billfold and phone hidden isn't the best options for the scenario. Still, you need to complete the look and the Battalion wallet and iPhone case fill the order.

For some reason, hunters always have on hat. So, unless you have a stock of Remington and Cargill caps, you'll need to grab one like the Battalion hat.

A second set of clothes will be necessary after your other’s were soiled by urine, an unfortunate part of any hunt, and the massive bags have enough space to fit a full set of coveralls or cargo shorts.

You'll need plenty of equipment and clothing when on the hunt, and the backpack and travel bag will keep everything from a set of grunt calls to Carhart coveralls in their place.

At this point, you have everything needed for a successful hunt, minus the actual skills, and sadly that cannot be bought. Happy hunting!

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