Klatt and JSR continue to dominate CMRC Canadian MX Championships

Nanaimo, BC, Canada (6/13/05) ¿ Compared to a dreary and wet opening round last weekend, the weather gods smiled on Round 2 of the CMRC Canadian Motocross Championships, held on Sunday, June 12, 2005 in Nanaimo, BC. Although it rained on Saturday, Sunday was spared the wet stuff and a relatively cool temperature of 15C prevailed. The racing weather couldn’t have been more perfect. Not only that, The Wastelands track was next to perfect, too: at least during the later stages of the day, when it had totally dried out.

For Dusty Klatt and Jean Sebastien Roy, however, the weather and track conditions were as irrelevant as they had been at Mission Raceway one week earlier. The Team Honda Canada Blackfoot Fox Racing riders continued where they left off at Round 1 by winning their respective classes. Although the mighty JSR didn¿t claim his MX1 overall with a repeat clean sweep of the motos, Klatt, riding his home track, did just that in MX2 West!

In what was more or less a rerun of Round 1, Klatt got excellent starts that saw him round the first corner of both MX2 West motos around 5th place. In the first moto, Richmond Racing/Kawasaki Canada’s Teddy Maier took the holeshot with Factory Yamaha¿s Kyle Beaton in tow. It took Klatt about eight minutes to stick a pass on Beaton and Maier. Once in the lead, Klatt started distancing himself from Maier and the rest of the field. By the end of the moto, Klatt had accumulated a 30-second gap over Maier.

In moto two, Klatt took over the lead from Pacific Yamaha’s Shane Bess by the end of the second lap and checked out. Beaton, in turn, had some work to do in this moto. At the halfway mark, he was in 8th place, battling with the likes of Richmond’s Colton Facciotti and Jeff Northrop, Shane Bess and Morgan Racing Yamaha’s Eric Vallejo. By the end of the moto, Beaton had installed himself in 4th place, which was good enough to give him 3rd overall for the day. Second overall, Maier, followed Klatt across the finish line 20-seconds later. Rounding out the top-five were Northrop, 4th on the strength of 5-3 motos, and Bess, who carded 5th on the strength of 4-5 motos.

In MX1, Morgan Racing Yamaha’s Blair Morgan, still recovering from a late in the season snocross injury, holeshotted ahead of Roy and Richmond Racing Kawasaki’s Evan Laughridge. In no time at all, however, Roy took over the lead from Morgan, who eventually finished the moto in 12th place. Klatt, also on the line for the MX1 confrontation, turned a 7th place start into 2nd place within a few laps. He chased down Roy and to the noisy approval of his hometown fans, passed the defending champ around the halfway mark. At the checkers, Klatt had an 8-second lead on his Blackfoot Honda teammate. Roy, in turn, gapped 3rd place Laughridge by nearly a full minute, giving an indication of the blistering pace set by the Honda duo.

The second moto was red flagged nine minutes after the gate dropped, due to hard crash in the rhythm section by Honda mounted Ryan McPhillips. In the restart, Morgan Racing Yamaha’s Craig Decker grabbed the holeshot, only to be passed by JSR within two laps. Decker managed to hang on to 2nd place for the remainder of the moto, which combined with a tepid 14th in the first moto, saw him finish 7th overall for the day.

Klatt, his energy level obviously fading, settled for 8th at the checkered. Coupled with his first moto victory, however, he joined overall winner Roy on the podium in 3rd spot. Laughridge, meanwhile, finished the moto in 4th behind Blackfoot’s Damon Huffman, Laughridge’s 4th, combined with his 2nd in the first moto, sufficed to see him finish runner-up for the day. Huffy, with 7-3 motos, carded 4th overall, while Team Suzuki/OTSSF Motorsports¿ Keith Johnson cemented the top-five with 4-5 motos.

Swanson Yamaha Racing’s Josh Demuth, who wasn’t scheduled to join the National MX1 Tour until Round 3, surprised everyone by lining up beehind the gate at The Wastelands. The two-time U.S. National Arenacross Champion, coming off severe wrist injuries, nailed down an impressive 6th overall on the strength of 5-7 motos.

Results: Round 2, Nanaimo, BC

MX1 Results

  1. Jean Sebastien Roy 2-1
  2. Evan Laughridge 3-4 
  3. Dusty Klatt 1-8
  4. Damon Huffman 7-3
  5. Keith Johnson 4-5
  6. Josh Demuth 5-7
  7. Craig Decker 14-2
  8. Gavin Gracyk 8-6
  9. Simon Homans 6-10
  10. Brad Hagseth 10-11
  11. Chad Johnson 9-12
  12. Doug DeHaan 13-9
  13. Mike Treadwell 11-13
  14. Blair Morgan 12-15
  15. Ryan Lockhart 16-14

MX2 West Results

  1. Dusty Klatt 1-1
  2. Teddy Maier 2-2
  3. Kyle Beaton 3-4
  4. Jeff Northrop 5-3
  5. Shane Bess 4-5
  6. Colton Facciotti 7-7
  7. Eric Vallejo 10-6
  8. Nate Tiearney 9-9
  9. Kevin Johnson 11-8
  10. Tony Sherman 13-10
  11. Bruce Prochnavy 14-11
  12. Jimmy Nelson 6-DNF
  13. Lee Coutts 8-24
  14. Doug Leavitt 15-15
  15. Bart Stephenson 18-13