KMC Wheels Adds Tommy Hofmaster To Their ¿Team¿ Of Premier Motocrossers

With the season opener of the National Arenacross Series set to begin on October 29, 2004, KMC Wheels has set its eyes on the benefit of sponsoring one of the top riders in the series.  Tommy Hofmaster is just the type of rider that KMC Wheels wants to support, as the one of the series¿ favorites to secure the championship. 

Last season Tommy obtained the number two spot overall, as he did the season before.  Tired of being the runner up, Tommy has moved to Texas to train and prepare for the 2004 ¿ 2005 season.  By moving to Texas, Tommy can train and practice year around.  This season he is sure to be one of the favorites in the chase for the championship.

Tommy stated, ¿I¿m stoked that KMC Wheels has decided to sponsor me for 2005.  I was at their facility in Riverside, CA to take pictures for the upcoming season and was impressed by their company and their staff.  KMC Wheels are truly, `like no other.¿¿  Tommy will be driving on his new wheels shortly, but his focus remains the Arenacross series.

Ray at KMC Wheels stated, ¿We are more than happy to sponsor Tommy for 2005.  We are looking forward to watching him compete in the upcoming National Arenacross Series.  Tommy is just the type of person we want to add to our list of premier motocrossers¿

Tommy is represented by THE AGENTS. For further questions or information regarding the possibilities of having THE AGENTS work for you, feel free to contact Steve Aldaco at (951) 205-3348, or via e-mail at