Who Is Kris Foster? – Canadian Freerider

Kris Foster is planning on more insane freeriding this summer in Canada.

If you haven't seen the video that was released online a few months ago entitled Limelight with Kris Foster, you need to do yourself a favor and watch it. It contains some of the most insane freeriding we've seen in a long time. Recently, we had a chance to catch up with the video's star while shooting out in the hills of Reche Canyon, California. The Canadian rider was down in California for the winter to ride and train while his hometown of Kamloops, British Columbia, was snowed in. And yes, he rips at freeriding.

Almost everyone has seen the crazy freeriding video you did, but for people who don't know who you are, what is your background?
I'm from Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada, and I'm just down here in California riding for the winter. I raced for a little bit until I was 19. I raced a lot of Canadian National stuff, and the highest finish I ever got was sixth. I also raced a couple Supercross races over in England in the Future West series, and I won one of those races over in Liverpool, England. That was probably the highlight of my racing career. I always liked Arenacross and Supercross better than motocross.

What made you transition to freeriding and freestyle?
I don't really consider myself a freestyler or that I made the transition into it. I think I just rode a lot of mountain bikes and BMX growing up. I live two minutes from the bike ranch in Kamloops, which has downhill trails, slopestyle stuff, and dirt jumps. I had a lot of practice on my mountain bike, and eventually just transferred tricks over to moto. After I quit racing, I went back to spending more time in the hills and doing more of the stuff that I grew up doing--just having fun with it again. As soon as I won that Supercross, I lost drive to race, even more than I already had. I was never really one of those guys that wanted to push it racing, but I always had fun riding those tracks, so it kept me racing.

Years of professional racing has given Foster the skills needed for freeriding.

You've been down in California for a couple months, but what's your plan for the rest of the year?
Right now, I'm trying to put together a Speed And Style edit, because I want to get in X Games for that. I don't know, though, because apparently it's pretty slim right now and there is only one spot left. I also want to get into Step Up. I really want to get out on one of those faces to see how it is. There is so much natural stuff that is like that. Other than that, I'm going to go back home and build a bunch of new features like the ones in my video Limelight. Hopefully I'll also get a segment in Moto 6.

Watching that Limelight video it was pretty mind blowing to see the lines you were hitting down the mountain. How did you find some of those?
There were a few of us out there, and we were just scouring the land, trying to find different lines. We had moto guys and a pretty fluent mountain bike rider, Mitch Cheek, who had filmed a lot of mountain bike lines and snowboard lines, so he knew the distances and angles that we would be looking for. He also knew the terrain out there.

Foster can pull mini flips off just about anything.

Any plans to come back down to California soon?
I'll probably be up in Canada for the rest of the year until next winter--I'll definitely be back then. For now, I'm going to go back home. I've pretty much spent all of my money down here. I'll go back home, do some more shows, and hopefully make some more money. After that, I'm come back down here and have some more fun.

Incase you missed Limelight, here it is…