KTM Connects Staff And Dealers Worldwide With KTMDEALER.NET

On March 1, 2005, KTM North America, Inc. and the 435 KTM Dealerships across the USA and Canada raced into a new era of business communications with the launch of KTMDealer.net.

KTM has designed an all-inclusive website that incorporated previous informational systems into one world-wide business communication tool that is used by every KTM dealership across the globe. There were many singular KTM websites that were based on OEM Parts and Hard Equipment sales, Motorcycle registration, KTM News and information, Dealer Technical service and warranty. Now, with KTMDealer.net, those communication methods are rolled into one comprehensive and easy-to-use website.

As a result, KTM North America and the KTM dealerships worldwide are experiencing the benefits of increased efficiency and productivity in their day-to-day business as a result of KTMDealer.net.

President of KTM North America, Rod Bush said, “What you see and use in KTMDealer.net represents the efforts of hundreds of dedicated KTM staff and vendors, located all over the world, over the past one and a half years. Without their unwavering commitment, this project would not be such a huge success. I would personally like to thank every KTM employee and merchants for their hard-work and devoted efforts.

KTM North America prepared the KTM staff and dealers with an all-encompassing education program that KTM Dealer Service Representatives delivered to KTM dealers. Real world training was delivered to ninety-seven percent of the dealers and further solidifies KTM’s commitment to increase a strong relationship with KTM retailers.