KTM North America States Position On ¿Gray Market¿ Motorcycles

KTM North America, Inc, has discovered that some people have imported, directly from Europe, motorcycles manufactured by KTM Sportmotorcycles of Austria.  These motorcycles do not meet safety and emissions regulations in the United States or Canada.  The importation and use of such so called ¿gray market¿ motorcycles is strictly illegal.  KTM North America, Inc. is the exclusive North American distributor of KTM Sportmotorcycles.  Only KTM North America, Inc., possesses the official Certificates of Conformity and Executive Orders which are required to legally import a new KTM motorcycle into the United States or Canada. 

KTM North America, Inc. does not sell directly to the public, but only through authorized dealers and distributors in the U.S. and Canada.  KTM North America, Inc. strictly requires all of its distributors and dealers to comply with all applicable United States and Canadian federal, state, provencal, and local requirements.  Only KTM motorcycles imported and distributed by KTM North America, Inc., and sold at retail by one of over 440 authorized dealerships throughout the United States and Canada are covered by the KTM warranty.  Further, these are the only motorcycles that KTM North America, Inc. accepts responsibility for compliance with all regulations.  Neither KTM North America, Inc. nor KTM Sportmotorcycle of Austria will provide warranty coverage or service for motorcycles located in the United States and Canada, which have not been sold through an authorized KTM retail dealer.  For these motorcycles, no parts are available, and we will not provide service or technical support, either through KTM North America, Inc. or any of our authorized dealers. 

KTM North America, Inc. its officers and directors, subsidiaries and affiliated companies emphatically state that they are not responsible in any way for KTM motorcycles located in the United States that have not been imported by KTM North America, Inc. and sold through an authorized KTM dealer.  Since such motorcycles are not in compliance with U.S. and Canadian regulation, and the use of such motorcycles is both a violation of law and dangerous, we strongly advise everyone to avoid purchasing or avoid using such motorcycles.  Further, the use of such motorcycles, which do not comply with safety standards, can be dangerous and the use of which could lead to serious injury or death.

All KTM Sportmotorcycles sold through authorized KTM dealers comply with all safety, legal and environmental requirements, and such compliance is fully documented with the appropriate government agencies.  Your local U.S. or Canadian dealer will be glad to help you find the right KTM sports motorcycle for you and offer professional assistance and knowledge about KTM products.