KTM Off-Road to run WeaponMX G-Zero Foam in All Factory Team Bikes

KTM Off-Road announced today that all the Factory Team bikes will be equipped with WeaponMX G-Zero gas tank foam. “WeaponMX is the leader in gas tank foam technology and we’re excited about partnering with them said John Turner, one the head mechanics for KTM Off-Road. “Our Factory Supercross team has been using WeaponMX for two seasons now and G-Zero gas tank foam is the only way to go. KTM is introducing a specialized new tank in the coming months. Information on it is being kept quite, but it is substantially different than the traditional oversized tank with a dry brake.

Bill Marshall, founder of WeaponMX and innovator of the G-Zero foam is pleased to continue working with KTM on this specialized project. “Oversized tanks are a complicated problem and you cannot merely use any ordinary foam in any shape. G-Zero foam is manufactured by a defense contractor with precision equations to calculate volume and spacing for each application. Bill says that “failure to use the proper design will make the application ineffective — especially in a specialty applications where there are curves and pockets. G-Zero foam is also specially designed to accommodate dry brake applications.

G-Zero foam eliminates gas tank slosh that can generate severe shifts in inertial force when gas violently shakes in the tank. This problem can often generate as much as 35 lbs of force during competition. G-Zero foam completely eliminates tank slosh and lowers the bikes center of gravity. Riders and teams report easier cornering, handling through braking bumps and the bike “feeling 10-15lbs lighter.

WeaponMX first invented the G-Zero foam in early 2006 while working with the Red Bull KTM Factory Supercross and is now found in most gas tanks of factory teams, pros and privateers. The critically acclaimed foam is has been used in winning Supercross races with Chad Reed, Supermoto Titles with Jeff Ward, Off-Road races with Ricky Dietrick and Destry Abbott. WeaponMX first tested G-Zero foam with Larry Brooks and Casey Lytle in January 2006 and worked closely with WeaponMX privateer rider Carter Gurnee for valuable rider feedback on the foam technology. Today in its second generation, the WeaponMX G-Zero foam is the most widely used foam technology in the motocross industry.