KTM Restructures North American Operations; Name Changed To KTM North America, Inc.

Effective, July 15th, 2003 the official name of KTM Sportmotorcycle USA, Inc has been changed to KTM North America, Inc. This change reflects a major restructuring of KTM’s North America operations and is in recognition of KTM’s expansion into marketing, sales and distribution of motorcycles and parts in Canada.

According to KTM North America, Inc President Rod Bush, “The name KTM Sportmotorcycle USA, Inc., has served us well to both identify our company and the products that we have proudly represented since January of 1992. From the start the word “Sportmotocycle” has been the foundation of our long term brand development strategy and was incorporated into the sub line of the KTM logo in order to emphasize this point. 10 years later we are now satisfied that the KTM brand itself is synonymous with Ready to Race Sportmotorcycles.”

“As a result a decision has been made to drop “Sportmotorcycle USA” from our company name. “USA” is being dropped because while we will continue to be located here in the United States, in all respects, we are a part of the larger global KTM Group. I am sure that you will agree that our new name, KTM North America, Inc., more correctly identifies us and will do a better job of representing KTM in the U.S. and Canadian markets that we serve directly from our hub here in Amherst, Ohio”

“I’d like to make one final point”, adds Bush, “eliminating ‘Sportmotorcycle’ from the name shouldn’t be taken as an indication that we have changed from our product focus nor that we are distancing ourselves from the sport.” In fact, we are more committed than ever. It is a well known fact that we are a rapidly evolving company, that ours is not a static business and that we will continue to be a forward moving organization.”

KTM’s North American headquarters will remain in Amherst, Ohio with satellite offices in California and Canada. The new Canadian office is located in St. Bruno, Quebec.