When word spread around the motocross community that fellow racers Davin Burns and Ryan Kubis had both suffered serious injuries within 24 hours of each other, the news hit home to many people. Both riders have traumatic spinal injuries that have left them down and out over the past few months, but thanks to the entire motocross circle a benefit ride day was put together to help our friends in need. Kubis was able to make it out to the ride day, but Burns’ condition wouldn’t allow for him or his family to be present. Milestone MX Ranch was host to the fundraiser and thanks to Burns and Kubis’ sponsors a raffle was set up that consisted of everything from salsa and grips to Justin Bogle’s autographed and framed riding gear.

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By: Casey Davis

Broc Armbruster took it upon himself to make sure that Kubis and Burns were all riding together on this special day.

Ryan’s bike was on display at the ride day by the raffle booth and once the parade lap rolled around his sister, Desirae, and a friend decided to bring it out and join all of their friends in the special lap.

Both riders still have Go Fund Me pages and both are still active. To make a contribution just visit gofundme.com and search Davin Burns and Ryan Kubis #722.

A raffle with tons of great products was hosted at the end of the day to further help the families of the downed riders.

Whats your name, age and where are you from?
My name is Ryan Kubis, I am 18 years old and I am from Rialto, CA.How long have you been racing?
I’ve been racing motocross for about 11 years now.

How did you get into riding dirt bikes?
Through a family friend, Jack Scott. He was always into motocross and was the first person that took me riding, ever since then I’ve been hooked.

We’re all out here to support you and another rider, Davin Burns, who was injured the day after you crashed. You two train together right?
We do, 765 mx school helps us out.

Your injury was serious, to say the least. Can you give us a rundown as to how you crashed?
I was at Milestone MX on Tuesday April 15th and was practicing for an upcoming race. I was coming around the corner and then when I went off the jump I felt like something wasn’t right. Next thing I knew my bike died in the air. I tried to save it and I thought I had it saved until my bars knifed. I went head first over the bars and ended up landing on the edge of the next berm and that’s ultimately what snapped my back. Basically, landing on a sharp edge of dirt broke the vertebrae.

What exactly were the extent of your injuries?
I broke my T5 and T6 and had to have two rods and several screws put in. This caused severe spinal cord bruising and swelling which has in turn caused me to be a paraplegic from the belly button down. I also broke my C6 and C7 in my neck as well as my L3.

When you were laying on the ground you tried to move. What ran through your head when you realized you couldn’t feel anything?
I’m not really sure. I just remember being really worried and scared that the feeling wouldn’t come back at all. All I kept thinking and saying was that I couldn’t feel or move my legs.

You have made tremendous progress since the accident! Can you us give a little rundown of the movement you have now?
I have some pretty good feeling in both of my legs now. I can lift and fully extend my right leg and I can also move my ankle and toes on my right. My left leg I can wiggle my toes now.

You’ve been living at a rehab facility, which has to be a tremendous help. Do you have a daily routine or program at the facility?
Yes I do, 6 days a week I have an hour an half of physical therapy where I work out and work on gaining muscle strength and movement. Then I also have an hour and a half of occupational therapy, which prepares and gets me ready to go home. Just every day life stuff.

Before the accident, was the plan for you to turn motocross into a career?

Is that still that plan for you?
Yes, that’s still the plan. We will see how I feel once I’m able to get back on the bike.

Will you make a 100% recovery?
At this time, I am just taking it day by day. I don’t think anyone knows whether I’ll fully recover 100%, but I can tell you that I am working very hard to get back on my feet.