Kyle Lewis

One of the riders sidelined before the gate even dropped on the first round of the domestic supercross season was Kyle Lewis. The leader of the MotoXXX/Yoshimura squad suffered a serious wrist injury on the Monday prior to Anaheim 1, but was still on hand to cheer on his fellow team riders and provide support to the whole XXX effort.

TransWorld Motocross: So how did you get injured?

Kyle Lewis: Everything was going good on Monday. It was just kind of a stupid little deal. Larry (Ward) and I had just gotten done doing heat race practice. Our lap times were awesome and we were looking forward to the weekend. We’d worked on whoops a little bit and gotten a little better rhythm through the whoops, and I went over to this other little section┬┐just a little step-on step-off deal. I tried a little different technique and I spun the back tire. I was coming up short, so I let go. I’m like, “ah, no big deal,” but I clipped the handlebars with my feet as I was coming off, and I landed with my hands out into the face of the jump.


I pushed my hand into my arm, and the navicular broke my radius bone. The navicular’s fine, but I broke my radius in a few pieces. So they had to pin the radius back together. I dislocated some bones in my hand as well, so they had to repair the ligament, too. I’ll have the pins in for about six to eight weeks, and see how everything looks. After that I don’t know what’s going to happen. I look to be riding in three months.

I’m bummed. Europe wasn’t a good deal for me. I didn’t really want to be over there. I wasn’t on my bike, I was a borrowed bike. I was really looking forward to the season. Larry and I were riding really well together. There’s still outdoors and our team’s still strong. Everything’s looking good for XXX and Yoshimura…WBR and all the people behind us.

TWMX: So what happens in the interim?

KL: We want to keep the program looking strong. We’re talking to JSR (Jean-Sebastien Roy) about maybe having him fill my spot for Supercross, because then after that he’s going to the Canadian Nationals. That’s the plans over here at Triple-X.