Kyle Loza June 19th Update

Welcome to the Latest edition of the kyle Loza update “Frequent flier miles” is the theme for this update. Kyle is heading out on a demo tour this week that will have him in Michigan this weekend than Tijuana, Mexico the following for the Monster Energy X Pilots event then it is off to West Covina, Ca for a 4th of July demo. From there immediately off to Pennsylvania for another Demo on the 7th of July and from Pa he takes a quick trip home then heads off to Montana for a demo on the 15th. In between he will be training for X. There have been some serious advancements in his X gameplan that we are very excited about. We are looking forward to getting closer to X where we can let more info about his trick out. Let me just say it’s Big it’s New and it’s going to be hard to beat. The Exposure meter has been pinging off the charts for Kyle in 2007 with lots of TV, print and video media already circulating and with X around the corner it’s only going to get crazier. One of the exciting things Kyle is doing on the exposure front is working with ESPN the magazine on a X Games story “we’re hoping for the cover shot”. I am attaching a couple of lifestyle photos Kyle took with a photographer the other day. Kyle is the guy in the middle of the R4C team shot and there is also a stand alone shot of Kyle. I am also attaching an action shot and a interesting shot that I will let you figure out.

Thanks for the support and we’ll keep you updated.

Here is the Link to the Monster Energy X Pilots event

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