Kyle Needs our Support

We received this letter about a young rider that needs our support…

My good friend’s son, Kyle Greenwal has been riding and racing sincehe was 5 years old and he loves the sport. He turned 13 on April 17thand got a new bike. Well he took a jump and the rear tire stuck. Heflipped over and I think he landed on his head. They rushed him to thehospital and he had surgery on C3 – 5 to stablize. He’s been in MageeRehab hospital for a couple of weeks and he’s working very hard at histherapy in the hopes of getting some mobility back. Right now he’s ina motorized wheelchair and he’s working very very hard. We know thathis life is forever changed but we all still hope for improvement.

I know that he would be thrilled if some riders could post anencouraging message on his whiteboard…

Now I don’t know who the pro riders are and who he likes, but ifthere’s anything you can do, please let me know. The kid could reallyuse some encouragement. You can mail him a letter at:

Kyle Greenwalt
Magee Rehabilitation Hospital
1513 Race Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102-1177

Thanks so much.

Kathy McBride
Friend of the family

Let’s see what we can do to help him out. At the very least, post up a message on his board.