The ClubMX crew of Phil Nicoletti, Kyle Peters, and Alex Martin are rarely apart. During our trip to the East Coast, we spotted all three carving laps on the JGR test track outside Charlotte, North Carolina. Just before they began the final practice motos of the day, we spoke with Peters on the injury which abruptly ended his Supercross season, his plans for the upcoming Nationals, and the perks of staying in the Carolinas. 

It’s been a bit since we've seen you, as an injury clipped your Supercross season short. What happened exactly?

I crashed in Toronto and had a stage four AC separation. But I'm getting over that and am getting ready for the outdoors. The Supercross season didn't go as planned as was a little bit of a disappointment, but I'm really trying to put it in during the outdoors and get the results that I need.

With a stage four separation, most people would elect to have surgery, but you've decided to push back surgery until after the Nationals. How is it to ride with the injury? 

It is a little tough and it's still pretty weak, but we are doing rehab on it to make it stronger. With deciding to wait, I definitely needed to show my speed and what I can do, but in the Supercross season I don't feel like I proved myself to anyone. I will hold off on surgery to do what I can and then get it after.

Do you feel there is a discipline, Supercross or the Nationals, which suits you better?

No, I feel good in both. The Supercross season didn't go as planned, but I feel good coming into the outdoors.

Despite suffering a stage four AC separation at the Toronto Supercross, Kyle Peters is set to take on all 12 rounds of the 2014 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship in the 250 class. Once the series wraps, he will undergo surgery to repair the damaged joint.

You'll be contesting the full outdoor tour on the same program as Supercross? How is it to run basically your own team?

Yeah, same program. We need to pick up a few more guys to help with the fuel and whatnot. But the full outdoor season is long and is going to be pretty tough. My dad is the one who put it all together, we have Al Baker helping to manage the whole thing, and my mechanic "Chubbs" helps out with everything. It is a full team thing and I couldn't do it without them. We are trying to bring on sponsors and make it a full-blown team so that nothing is coming out of pocket, but right now is a little tough. I need to get the results so the sponsors will come.

The East Coast is home for you. How is it to spend your time riding in North and South Carolina?

It's awesome. I love being close to home and the whole vibe is really awesome, and we get to ride places like the JGR track with fast guys. You can't beat it.

The Carolinas are home for Kyle Peters; Greensboro, North Carolina, is home while the family’s car dealership is located in nearby High Point. When the season is in full swing, he spends most of his time just hours away at ClubMX in Chesterfield, South Carolina. 

The conception is California is the place to ride, but compared to this region, there are not as many open tracks to ride. They may not be a track like Glen Helen, but it's still a good track.

It's super chill and not "go, go, go" like it is in Southern California. We really don't have any traffic, and it's good for training to keep your mind focused and not on anything else. I stay at ClubMX with Phil Nicoletti and Alex Martin, and we eat, breathe, and sleep it. We live at the track and it's all we do. Club is really good and this is my first year really getting everything down, but we have awesome tracks and a program. I think it will show this summer.

Always being around friends who push each other and ride the same pace has to be beneficial. Has it been a help to your program?

Oh, definitely. We all push each other and try to help each other out, so it's a full team thing even there. I can't do it without these guys.