Langston Injury Update

Grant Langston phoned the TransWorld Motocross offices earlier this afternoon to confirm the rumor that he was, indeed, injured in a practice crash at the Yamaha Supercross test track yesterday.

“The bike went into neutral, he said. “I went over the bars and landed on the face of the next jump. I broke my collarbone and badly sprained my right wrist, which I dislocated last year in Las Vegas. I also bruised my lung and was coughing up blood, which basically rules out any chance of me having surgery any time soon to repair my broken collarbone. They will not operate when you have damage to your lungs like this, and it will be a minimum of 10 to 12 days before that would be at all possible.

“If having surgery will only make a difference of making a return one to two weeks earlier, I will obviously pass and elect to heal naturally. I am extremely disappointed about this and I cannot tell you how upset I am. I was feeling very good on the bike and we had just finished up testing some new settings and I had an exceptional feeling about this weekend’s race in Phoenix.

“So now, instead of racing, it looks like I will take my son Devin to the monster truck show at Anaheim. That’s all he watches: monster trucks, Supercross and that movie Cars.