Langston Shoots for Grand Slam

It is confirmed Grant Langston will ride the 125 Lites West Coast Supercross division, starting January 7th, 2006. This means he will not be able to run his East Coast #1 plate. But Grant has another number 1 on his mind. No rider in the history of motocross has won every major 125 title.

 Grant has won the following:

  •  125cc World Motocross Champion in 2000
  •  125cc Individual Motocross Des Nation Champion in 2000
  •  125cc Bercy Supercross Champion in 2002
  •  125cc AMA National Champion in 2003
  •  125cc AMA East Coast Champion in 2005

The only title missing to complete the 125cc Grand Slam is the 125cc West Coast title, so Grant will be at Anaheim 1 with his permanent #8 plate.

Asked how things were going Grant replied, This is the first year I am going into a supercross season really fully prepared. I have been injury-free for a while now and because most of the other Pro Circuit riders have been injured, I have done most of the testing. Because of this I am a lot more comfortable on the bike then I was a year ago, and as you know the guys at Pro Circuit never stop working and developing.

 Grant, who is 23, also said 2006 would be his last in the 125/Lite division as he would be moving to the 250/Open class full time in 2007.

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