Langston to Race 125 East?

After reading rumors about Red Bull KTM¿s Grant Langston on the message boards, we decided to ring up Cool G himself to see if they were true. Grant underwent orthoscopic surgery to repair torn meniscus in his knee, and the South African was expected to be out of action for at least four weeks. Now, it seems, all that rest and recuperation may be out the window.

¿Yes, the rumors are true,¿ said Langston. ¿I am surprised that the word has gotten out so fast. Basically, Kurt Nicoll and I spoke about the possibility of me moving back down to the Eastern Region 125cc class for Supercross, and I think that it would be a good idea. I am obviously out of the hunt in the 250cc class, and though I feel competitive on the bike, I think that I need something like a 125cc Supercross title to get me going.¿

When asked if it was his idea or KTM¿s, Langston replied, ¿Mine, actually. I think that I can win the title, and it is something that I would like to do. Right now, it¿s still all up in the air, but I hope for the opportunity.¿

And just what will decide Langston¿s fate for the remainder of the Supercross Series? ¿Basically, if I can ride a motorcycle one week from today, it will be on,¿ he said.

Stay tuned for the decision¿