Langston to undergo surgery

According to Grant’s father, Gerald, the KTM factory rider aggravated his right shoulder while training. As a result, Grant has stepped down from his spot on the South African MXdN team and has elected to undergo microsurgery on BOTH of his shoulders back in the United States, shortly after the Milan Motorcycle Show.


Langston dislocated his right shoulder in a crash at the Perris Raceway Invitational just before the Anaheim SX, and he struggled to rehabilitate it while racing the early rounds of supercross. Later in the year, Grant separated his left shoulder at Southwick and has been racing in varied states of pain ever since. Doctors, Langston and his father, suspect the second shoulder injury has been causing mid-race arm pump and all feel that now is the time to have both of his troubled shoulders fixed.

“Grant should heal up in plenty of time for Anaheim,” said Gerald. “In the event that his recovery is slower than hoped, there is always the option of switching to the East Coast SX Series, which starts later. Of course, we’d prefer to race the West Coast series.”

Good luck, Grant!