LaRocco & Local Minicycle Whiz Kid Kick Off Red Bud’s 30th Anniversary Weekend

Veteran rider spins some laps, offers valuable pointers to eight-year-old Kyle Frese

BUCHANAN, Mich., (July 4, 2003) — The National Promoters Group’s pre-race promotion with local pro Mike LaRocco and minicycle champion Kyle Frese was resounding success as the promoters of Red Bud are pulling out all the stops to celebrate their 30th Anniversary of racing at the legendary southwestern Michigan motocross track.

LaRocco, one of the fan favorites of the 2003 AMA/Chevy Trucks U.S. Motocross Championship, took Thursday afternoon off to meet with the local press and ride with Dowagiac, Michigan’s Kyle Frese — one of the region’s top minicycle racers.


“This was a lot of fun,” said LaRocco. “I was not nearly as good as Kyle when I was that age (LaRocco’s 32). If he sticks with it, he could be really good in a number of years.”

Frese, who’s favorite rider is LaRocco, was understandably stoked with the opportunity to rip up the Red Bud track on his Cobra minicycle with his hero. Said Frese: “Man, this was fun! I can’t wait for Sunday to see Mike race. I think he’s gonna win for sure!”

The two riders rode side-by-side on a designated portion of the Red Bud track. Frese would jump as much of a table-topped obstacle as he could, then LaRocco would sail past — seemingly over Frese’s head for the local television cameras, though off to a safe distance on the side.

“That was awesome!,” said Frese when a reporter asked him what it was like to have Mike LaRocco jump over his head.

The two would ride, then stop to discuss what they’d just ridden — LaRocco offering pointers to the former Loretta Lynn’s qualifier. Then, kind of like the grand finale of a fireworks show, Frese parked his bike in the middle of LaRocco’s Leap and watched in awe as LaRocco skied his Honda CR 250 some 30-feet above the youngsters head and 130-feet across the gap.

Action at Red Bud resumes this evening with a amateur racing and a fireworks show.

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