LaRocco Out For San Diego SX?

Team Amsoil/Chaparral/Honda¿s Mike LaRocco was absent from today¿s afternoon practice sessions at Qualcomm Stadium, as he is nursing a shoulder injury he suffered in last week¿s crash main event. LaRocco lost control of his Shane Drew-tuned Honda CR250R in the second set of whoops at Anaheim III, and went down hard, taking Mach 1 Yamaha¿s Nick Wey with him. In the crash, LaRocco banged his shoulder and bent his bike badly enough for him to pull off, scoring 17th-place points.

“It¿s sore, but I think it¿s okay,” said LaRocco, after the main. Thankfully, the pain was not in the shoulder that has troubled him previously in his illustrious career.

Earlier this week, TransWorld Motocross ran into LaRocco and his trainer Dan at our local gym, and he appeared to be struggling with some light shoulder exercises. “Mike was pretty sore, and on Tuesday, we really started to know that something was wrong,” said his wife, Beth. “He had gone to get an X-Ray, right after the race, but there were no broken bones found. Mike tried to work through the pain and work his shoulders out this week and he tried to ride on Thursday, but he was in too much pain.”

After missing today¿s practice sessions, LaRocco underwent an MRI at 4:00 p.m. this afternoon. “Basically, the doctors are looking to see if there is something torn inside his shoulder,” added Beth. “If they find something, then Mike is absolutely not racing tomorrow. The doctors have, however, given him a cortisone shot, so if there is nothing torn, it is up to Mike if he wants to race or not. You know him¿he¿s tough and determined¿if the shot helps with the pain, he will probably try to race.”

Keep your fingers crossed: we¿d hate to see The Rock sidelined, as he is definitely a title contender and crowd favorite. Stay tuned for the doctor¿s report later this evening¿