LaRocco’s Secret Weapon


TransWorld Motocross went riding with Mike LaRocco at Lake Elsinore MX Park yesterday, and The Rock was mounted aboard a plain-wrap Honda CRF450R and wore no numbers on his jersey.

“I just wanted to get some time on the bike,” said LaRocco. “My wrist gets stronger each time I ride, but it still is far from 100%.”

LaRocco’s tender wrist was wrapped in what was the trickest custom brace we’ve ever seen. Made by All-Sport Dynamics, the carbon fiber brace featured a two-piece pivoting design.

“It allows my wristo to move side to side, but it only allows a certain amount of movement up and down,” said LaRocco. “It actually has a stop built in so that I can not bend my wrist too far back. I feel very protected in it, but the wrist itself gets tired.”

LaRocco looked good aboard the booming CRF450R, even though only the smaller vet track was open on Monday. “Any time on the bike is good,” said LaRocco. “We’ll have to see how my wrist holds up on the Glen Helen National track. If it’s too hard, I’m not going to come back too early.”

Let’s hope that the brace helps The Rock race the season opener!