Leatt Responding to Demand

Dear motor sport enthusiast, all of us at Leatt Corporation Inc. are delighted and humbled by the unprecedented response to the Leatt-Brace"ยข after David Bailey’s historic plea to our industry. As we had no idea that David was going to make such a public plea, we had no warning as to the impact it would have on our call centre and operations. I would like to reassure all callers and potential customers that we are giving the aforementioned situation our full attention and we will have a number of additional lines installed within the next 72 hours. I would urge all callers to browse our web site, as many answers to questions and orders can be found and placed at www.leatt-brace.com. In addition, I would like to make it known that we have adequate stock to supply the current demand and our factory is standing by to increases production should this be required, please support us while we increase our logistic capacity to get braces to you, our valued customers.

Dr. Chris Leatt
CEO/President, Leatt Corporation Inc.