LeoVince X3 Releases Honda CRF250R Dual System

All-new Design Based on MX1 and MX2 World Championship Development

Richmond, CA– This all-new X3 system for the Honda CRF250R is available in the unique dual-silencer design. It is constructed with a titanium header and either all-titanium silencers or carbon fiber silencers. This exhaust was developed with the technical knowledge gained while working with MX2 World Champion Antonio Cairoli and Team Honda’s Josh Coppins in the 2005 season.

All X3 MX exhaust systems for 2006 feature increased power output, highly durable construction, shorter overall length and lighter weight:

  • All X3 MX systems feature a new, shorter design, centralizing mass for improved handling. Our CRF250R dual system preserves the handling benefits of Honda’s twin silencer design.
  • LeoVince X3 MX systems feature interchangeable low-boy and standard head pipes, letting you easily tune your powerband for either SX or outdoor tracks. Choose the style of exhaust that fits your primary needs, then purchase the second header if desired.
  • All X3 MX pipes easily pass 99dB and 96dB* sound regulations—not just when new, but for moto after moto. Ultra-high-quality, high-temperature packing lasts an exceptionally long time and rarely if ever needs repacking. A removable USFS approved spark arrestor is included as well. *(with included insert).
  • Full titanium systems come with a titanium head pipe and carbon fiber heat shield/rock guard(s).
  • The X3 titanium silencer is completely constructed from titanium (including baffle, end-caps and rivets), The carbon fiber silencers share this construction with a carbon fiber outer sleeve.

2006 Honda CRF250R Dual Silencer System, Carbon/Ti or Ti/Ti

W/Low-boy Header- MSRP: $1,424.00
W/Standard Header- MSRP: $1,389.00

Typical Prices of other Single Silencer X3 MX systems:

Carbon/Ti or Ti/Ti full system: $852.00
Aluminum slip-on: $348.00

Optional Headers (for full systems):

Standard- MSRP: $274.00
Low-boy- MSRP: $319.00

LeoVince Information

LeoVince is a division of Sito Gruppo Industriale based in Monticello d’Alba, Italy. Sito is the largest exhaust manufacturer in Europe. LeoVince USA brands include SBK for sportbikes, Silvertail for cruisers, Scoot for scooters, and X3 for off-road and ATVs and Sito for low-cost OEM replacement. For more information visit LeoVinceUSA.com. LeoVince products are distributed to U.S. motorcycle dealers by Parts Unlimited and Western Power Sports.


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