There’s a lesson to be learned here: if you’re in the Metal Mulisha, you should stay away from helicopters. A few years ago, Brian Deegan was filming for an NBC Gravity Games commercial when the remote-controlled helicopter that was doing the filming smacked Brian in the shoulder, resulting in a nasty scar from the blade (which missed his jugular by a mere three inches).

As gnarly as that sounds, Deegan’s experience with a helicopter pales in comparison to what happened to his friend/ business partner Larry Linkogle last night.

Link and several other members of the Mulisha have spent the last couple of weeks filming for an upcoming Hollywood movie called “XXX,” a film that is said to be a James Bond-like action-adventure movie for a younger generation.

During the filming, Link and Twitch were hitting a rickety wooden ramp that pitched them high above an 85-foot-long gap. As the helicopter moved in for a tighter shot of Link, the pilot got a little too close. One of the blades apparently struck Larry in the head. The edge of the blade, called a “safety,” smacked Larry’s helmet, and according to reports from eyewitnesses on the scene, Link was twirled around slightly by the blade, ejected from his bike, and then tossed to the ground.

Linkogle and his CR250R did a full pile-driver into the dirt landing ramp, but miraculously, Link emerged shaken up but not seriously injured.

In fact, in typical Link fashion, he was laughing about the whole event moments after regaining composure. “That was the absolute gnarliest thing that has ever happened to me in my entire life,” exclaimed Larry. “I can’t wait to see the footage!”

Look for Link’s helicopter collision in an upcoming Mulisha video that will be released soon.