Long Awaited Supercross Classics Now Available

Legendary Supercross Racing from 1983-`89

AURORA, Ill. (January 25, 2006) ¿ The long awaited Supercross Classics, a compilation of supercross highlights, interviews, racing action, and never seen before footage from 1983-’89, was released today on DVD.

In the seasons preceding modern day supercross heroes Ricky Carmichael, the 14-time AMA National Champion and Jeremy McGrath, the seven-time supercross champion, there were the racers that have become icons in the sport. Bob `Hurricane’ Hannah, Johnny O’Show’ O’Mara, Mike Bell, David Bailey, Ricky `Bad Boy’ Johnson, Jeff Ward, Ron Lechien, Jeff Stanton and more were the racers that helped put supercross on the map and create opportunities for today’s racers. From the sold out stadiums to the diverse fan base, these are some of the athletes that have paved the way for the sport of supercross.

Now is your chance to catch a rare glimpse of how, more than 20 years ago, these historic riders battled on the racetracks of yesterday to pioneer the sport of supercross and turn it into the world’s fastest growing motorsport.

¿I believe that the promoters have done a good job of promoting our sport and creating Supercross Classics is just one more aspect of bringing public awareness to Supercross and Motocross,¿ said Makita Suzuki Racing Team Manager and multi-time World Champion Roger DeCoster. ¿Some of the greatest, most exciting racing went on during the 1980s, before a lot of the kids who are fans today were even born. This gives those kids an opportunity to learn more about the sport and have a better appreciation for the history of supercross and motocross.¿

“The 1980s were a golden era for supercross. R.J. and Bailey, works bikes and ‘Boot Gatorz,’ the Peristyle Jump at the Coliseum–that’s the stuff we grew up on!” said Racer X Illustrated’s Editor-in-Chief Davey Coombs. “Supercross may have been born in the 70s, but it really came into its own in the 1980s. Everything we have evolved from that amazing era.¿

“I’m very excited about the Supercross Classics project,” said Makita Suzuki Racing Team Coach and seven-time AMA National Champion Rick Johnson.  “This will give the kids who grew up watching Jeremy McGrath and Ricky Carmichael a chance to see what the riders did back in the 80s — how tracks evolved and how motorcycles evolved.  Also, this is not only a great history lesson, but it shows that some of the most exciting racing that ever has been was during that era.”

“I started racing in 1977,¿ said 1997 AMA Supercross Series champion Jeff Emig. ¿As a little boy growing up all I ever wanted to do was race supercross. I would look at the magazines for hours dreaming of one day having a works bike and cool riding gear with my nickname on the back of the pants. For me it was all about the nickname. Sometimes I still can’t believe that I actually lived out my dreams.

“Back in the day it was hard to find a supercross race on TV. One day I recorded the Anaheim SX from ¿like 1984 on some channel that had terrible reception. The picture was so snowy you could barely see it, but I watched it over and over. Johnny O’Mara won the race. To this day I could still tell you what happened on every lap of that main event. Supercross Classics will capture that era’s great racers and races.”  

Never before has so much legendary footage been released in one home video. This extraordinary two-disc set includes more than three hours of historic footage from 1983 to 1989, podium interviews from several races and much more.  Supercross Classics is a must-have for any true fan!

¿It’s great to look back and see how these legendary racers battled it out on the race track,&rdqquo; Supercross Classics Director Doug Cabrera. ¿It’s exciting to be able to release footage that has not been seen for over two decades. Supercross Classics shows a new and old generation of supercross. For the first-time ever we have compiled some of the best race footage from this time period, including never-seen-before interviews, highlights, old school stadiums and all of the components that helped develop supercross to the state-of-the art sport it is today.¿

Fans can purchase Supercross Classics at videos.cc.com or by phone at 1-888-659-RACE.

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