The 2010 champions were crowned on the fifth and final day of racing in Hurricane Mills. The weather finaly took a bit of a breather, offering temps in the low 90’s, which felt like air conditioning compared to the sweltering heat earlier in the week. Although the weather may have given a little break to the riders, the five continuous days of racing began to take their toll in the results. Most notably, Cooper Webb nearly had a mini championship wrapped up until the last lap with. That is when a downed rider and distracted flagger caused Webb to go down hard with only two laps to go. The ensuing chaos collected another six or seven riders, all escaping unscathered but drastically changing up the results.

One of the premier classes saw Suzuki’s Ian Trettel take the moto and overall win in 250 A, edging out his teammate Gannon Audette for the win. With that, Trettel will soon be moving onto the professional ranks. Other championships were taken by Jason Anderson in the 450 A class and Zack Freeberg in 250 A/Pro Sport.