Loretta Lynn’s – Day Four

After some evening rains on Thursday night, there was finally a break from the brutal heat of the past week. But while the temps were down, the track difficulty simultaneously spiked, the addition of more ruts and plenty of mud. Thanks to some excellent work by the track crew, the worst of the muck was dealt with immediately, scraping off the top layer in many places to the harder packed base. With the added work load came a slightly revised schedule that pushed the first moto back a few hours, in turn changing the schedule as a whole.

Still, several third motos were able to go off, claiming their respective class champions. Robbie Reynard took the overall in the Junior 25 Plus class, Justin Bogle 450 B Stock win, and Chris Alldredge took the victory in 85 (12-14) Stock. With only one more day left of the AMA Amateur National Championships, overall winners are going to be named left and right as the final motos of the three race format finish up tomorrow.