Lucas Oil Returns As Title Sponsor For Unadilla MX National

Unadilla, Round Six on the 2005 AMA Motocross Championship tour, welcomes back Lucas Oil for third straight year as title sponsor of legendary upstate New York motocross race

NEW BERLIN, N.Y., (April 27, 2005) ¿ Officials at Unadilla Valley Sports Center are proud to announce the return of Lucas Oil as the title sponsor of the Unadilla MX National, Round Six of the 2005 AMA Motocross Championship Series ¿ aka The Lucas Oil Pro Nationals.

Since 2003 Lucas Oil has used the famed Unadilla facility to showcase its products in yet another `extreme¿ environment.

¿Lucas Oil is heavily involved in many different motosport environments, including motocross,¿ said Tom Fredrickson, Business Manager at Lucas Oil. ¿Unadilla has long been known as one of the premier motocross facilities in the county and, through our relationship with Unadilla, we have introduced our products to a whole new segment of consumers. We could not be happier with the exposure we¿ve received over the last two years at Unadilla and expect to see another successful event come July.¿

Lucas Oil produces a wide range of products for almost any mechanical application calling for lubrication. From gun oil to power steering stop leak and heavy duty stabilizer oils, most consumers have a use for Lucas Oil product.

¿We use just about every product that Lucas Oil manufacturers and have for years,¿ said Greg Robinson, VP of Marketing for Unadilla and member of the National Promoters Group (NPG). ¿From our dozer to loader and various tractors and trucks, every engine, transmission and gearbox we use here at Unadilla has Lucas¿ Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer mixed in with the oil. And for light duty work, all of our high RPM engines ¿ such as weed whippers and chain saws ¿ utilized Lucas¿ two-stroke engine oils.

¿We really heavily on our machinery concerning the upkeep of Unadilla¿s motocross tracks and Lucas Oil products have definitely improved the performance of our equipment  – and will safeguard yours as well. We are proud to have Lucas Oil as the title sponsor of our showcase event here at Unadilla again this year.¿

Already heavily involved in the CORR (Championship Off Road Racing) off-road truck racing series, the ATPA (tractor pulling) series, NHRA drag racing, and NASCAR, Lucas Oil is equally excited to promote its vast line of products through the great sport of motocross. You may find Lucas Oil products at most major auto parts stores.   For more information on what Lucas Oil can do for you, visit their website at

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