Masters of Mini Round 4

Round 4 of the Masters of Mini Series took place on November 4th at the legendary Cycles 128 Dealership in Beverly, MA. Cycles has been hosting races there for years and this is the third year in a row the MoM tour has stopped by to pay General Manager John Rice and crew a visit.

The last two years the track hovered around 25-30 second lap times. With limited space, that is all that could be squeezed out of their back parking lot. When the Cycles staff was challenged with providing a bigger track for the growing series this year they had a tall order to fill. Never to be outdone, the staff came up with a brilliant idea — why not go through the building? Yes… through the building!

The crew went to work on adding the necessary changes in the course which allowed for not only a small hill climb but then they were able to loop the track around to go thru their warehouse, making the track the necessary 1 minute lap time needed to accommodate the 226 entries that Round 4 attracted.

With qualifiers in all 10 classes, the Cycles 128 race threatened to go past sunlight hours, especially since the event was the morning after Daylight Savings had ended. Not to worry, the MoM staff anticipated the timeline and rented lights to insure no laps would be cut. In fact, laps were added to make sure everyone left the day tired and happy. The lights offered a new twist on an already exciting day and the mains were all held “Monday Night Football style.

In the Yoots class, it was points leader Evan Arnold (68) who came home with the victory and the upper hand going into the $5000 Mototown Finale (Dec 8th). Second place went to last year’s Series Champion Todd Chrusciel (76). Third place went to Tim Ryan (5), who sits second in the points battle.

The Middle Age class is all about Billy Ainsworth (798), who won his third straight race in the class aboard his Pitster Pro, and maintaining his overall points lead. Second went to Chris Lavoie (11) and third went to Matt Gronowicz (74). The points in this class are very tight and will go down to the round 5 Finale.

Jay Ablaza (470) remains dominant in the Senior Class with 4 straight wins and has successfully defended his Senior class title by locking up the championship one round early — Congratulations Jay! Dave Hutchins (909) — the fat man himself — came in second at Cycles, with Brian Rebello (18) finishing third. Brian and Dave are tied for second in the series. It should be interesting come December 8th.

Matt Gronowicz (74) has three straight wins in the Fat Boy Class, once again besting archrival, Dave “The Real Fat Boy Hutchins (909). New comer Jesse Mercier (9) took third. Dave and Matt are separated by a mere 6 points going into the final round.

The Poor Boy class win went to Brendon Johnson (320) followed by series points leader Andy Young (465). Third went to Brian Rebello (18) who now sits second in the points just 4 points behind Andy.

Matthew Gudas (120) — the Headlight Guy — finally came away with a win in the Modified class. Second went to Peter “the Convict Walck (912) and third went to Series points leader Thomas Healy (440). Here is an interesting tip – Jay Healy (93) is tied with his brother Tom for the series points lead. Want to see which one of the twins comes out of top? Make sure you goto the $5000 Mototown Finale December 8th!

Ryan Sadler (111) takes his first ever win in the Limited class. Second was earned by series points leader Jay Ablaza (470). Third place went to Scott Levreault (74).

Todd Chrusciel (76) not only won the 10/12 Open but has successfully defended his title (he was last year’s Unlimited Champion which was modified into this year’s 10/12 Open) by wrapping up the Championship a round early. Congrats Todd! Second on the day went to new comer Jonathan Gosselin (350). Tim Ryan (5) took third, putting him second in the points.

Ryan Sadler (111) had a big day at Cycles 128 by winning his second class on the day —— the 10 Rockstar Class. That puts him in a solid 3rd place in the series points and only 8 points behind series points leader and round 4 third place winner Jason Healy (93). Second place was earned by new comer Jonathan Gosselin (350). Again it is worth pointing out that the man sitting second in the points and only 4 points out of first is brother Thomas Healy (440). The Round 5 finale will be worth it just to see these two twins go at it for the shot at going to Vegas and being crowned 10 Rockstar Champion.

Todd Chrusciel (76) has fought hard to be in the 12 Rockstar Championship. With less than impressive finishes in the first two rounds, Todd has fought back hard to win at Round 4 putting him in third place for the series and only 1 point out of second place overall. Second place was earned by Chris Lavoie (11), who is also the man sitting in second overall in the 12 Rockstar class. Third on the day went to new comer Wolf Bellm (777). Billy Ainsworth is in the driver’s seat with a healthy lead going in to the $5000 Mototown Finale.

Mototown is sure tobe exciting. There is $5000 up for grabs between the two Rockstar classes with each class paying $1000 for the win! Each Rockstar class will also pay out 10 deep in addition to the holeshot award. Someone has the chance of winning $2200 if they are perfect on the day with a holeshot and a win in both Rockstar classes.

The Series so far, in just 4 rounds, has hosted 1042 entries overall. This is up from last year’s 4 round total of 844. That is a 25% growth before even hosting what should be the best attended event of the MoM tour — The $5000 Indoor Finale at Mototown USA in Windsor, CT. We hope you can join us December 8th. Complete purse breakdown, entry fees, times, etc can be found at Dave Olcott

Pre Registration is highly recommended as classes will be capped to insure everyone gets plenty of laps. Pre Registration is due by Friday November 30th.

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