Mat Rebeaud Debut at Winter X Games 10 Results in a Silver Medal

=First European Moto X Rider to Win a Medal

Aspen, Colo. ¿ Mat Rebeaud (a 23 year old native of Switzerland) arrived quietly in Aspen at Winter X Games 10 knowing that this was his chance to make a name for himself among the elite riders of freestyle motocross. It was an opportunity he’d been dreaming of and working toward since he decided to dedicate himself to a freestyle motocross career after being a top Swiss Supercross and Motocross prospect.

The aggressive and determined Rebeaud quickly began to make his presence known when he was the first rider to back-flip the 90 foot gap during the first practice on Friday. Saturday brought a heavy snow shower that forced the cancellation and rescheduling of the first qualifying round for Sunday afternoon. The delay added pressure to an already tense situation but Rebeaud rose to the occasion on Sunday by moving into the 1st qualifier position with his first jump of two and then reclaimed the top qualifier position with a jaw dropping saran wrap back-flip. This gave him the luxury of being the last rider to ride in the final.

When questioned if he thought he could win or not by an ESPN reporter before the final round Rebeaud quipped “Today has been a dream come true already so anything else that happens is ok with me, I’m just going to do my best and see what happens.” The finals saw Rebeaud move into the 2nd position with his first of two jumps behind leader Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg after Rebeaud pulled off a saran wrap back-flip to one hander lander. A collective breath was held by the crowd and competitors alike as the final round of jumps began for the field of five riders consisting of Brian Deegan, Nate Adams, Ronny Faisst, Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg and Mat Rebeaud. The field failed to raise their scores from the 1st round and Rebeaud remained in 2nd position to solidly hang on to the Silver Medal.

When asked if he was disappointed that he didn’t take the gold Mat replied “It’s ok, now I have something else to work toward. I’m just happy to be here riding against the best freestyle riders in the world.”