Matt Walker Update: 90 Seconds with The Stalker

After the AMA announced its penalties involved in the Ivan Tedesco, Mike Alessi and Matt Walker fiasco at the Glen Helen Raceway Park 125cc National Championship Series finale, we began to wonder how our friend Matt Walker was doing. After helping his teammate Tedesco break free of the tussle with Alessi, Walker later crashed in the closing stages of the second moto at Glen Helen and suffered serious injuries to his mouth and jaw. We caught up with Matt Walker this afternoon on the phone to see how he is doing…

Matt! What’s up, man?

Nothing much. I just got back from the dentist. Other than that, not much at all.

What the heck happened to you at Glen Helen, anyway?

Well, I don’t remember the crash at all, so I couldn’t really tell you. I was knocked out for a good amount of time. I broke my jaw really badly and I knocked out a bunch of my front teeth.

Yeah, we heard from several riders that there was a good deal of blood on the track where you were lying…

Yeah, like I said I don’t remember anything, and I guess I should be happy that is the case. I busted up my helmet and I hurt my back, too.

So we understand that you had to undergo surgery?

Yeah, it was bad enough that they had to plate my jaw, right in the middle. I have had my jaw wired shut since I woke up, too, so all I have been doing is drinking those shakes. I get my wires out this Friday and the first thing I am gonna do is eat something!

Damn, perhaps I should get my jaw wired shut. Then maybe I’d lose some damn weight…

(Chuckles) Yeah, you know what… Getting your jaw wired shut is a good way to drop some weight. I am down to 150 right now. I have no energy to do anything, either, since I cannot eat.

Didn’t you lose some teeth, as well?

Yeah, I lost a lot of them. Five, I think.

Do you have them in a jar?

No man, I don’t know where they are. Maybe they are still out there on the track or something. Or maybe I swallowed them.

Did you check eBay? Maybe they are for sale…

(Slight chuckle) Don’t make me laugh.

So at what point do you get to have some fake teeth put in?

Oh man I don’t know. It’s gonna be a while before I can even open up my mouth, you know? I am all jacked up. It’s hard to even talk to you with my jaw wired shut.

Damn. Well, we hope you get better. This must be tough, especially since you are one of the best-looking riders on the circuit!

(Laughs) Yeah, it’s real tough. Being a good-looking guy like I am, it is really hard. Right now I look like that guy in the Vanilla Sky movie. I look pretty bad right now.

Well, we’ll let you go, since it’s getting harder to understand you. Thanks for the update, and hang in there! Look us up when you get back to California…

Will do. Thanks for checking in on me.