Matt Walker’s Crystal Ball

We ran into Team Pro Circuit Kawasaki¿s Matt Walker tonight at the gym, and the Georgian looks fit, confident and ready to race. ¿All of our testing is done,¿ he said. ¿I¿m back on a plane headed for Georgia tomorrow morning to do some riding and celebrate Christmas with my family, but after that I¿ll be back in California for the Chaparral SX at Glen Helen next weekend.¿

When asked how his all-new 2003 Kawasaki KX125 stacked up against his old race bike, Walker smiled and replied, ¿Oh man, the new bike is so good! It handles awesome and it is really, really fast. Last year¿s bike was great, but the new bike is phenomenal! I can¿t wait to race it!¿

Before Walker jumped into the spin class he had come for, we asked him for his 2003 Supercross Series predictions. ¿In the 250cc class, I¿ll have to say Carmichael, Chad Reed, Yogi, Vuillemin and LaRocco in the top five,¿ said Walker. ¿In the 125cc West class, I guess I should say I will win. Yeah, that¿s it! Me first, Travis Preston second, Danny Smith third, Billy Laninovich fourth and Craig Anderson fifth.¿

When we asked if he had forgotten about James ¿Bubba¿ Stewart, Walker smiled and said, ¿Oh no! I¿ll put him in there somewhere about sixth or so.¿

We don¿t know about you, but this sounds like one hell of a friendly rivalry to us!