Maxxis U.S. Open: Saturday Night Results

Back for Saturday night in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, you’d expect things to get a little more aggressive on Saturday night…and you wouldn’t be disappointed, whether in the Pro Circuit 125cc Pro Class, or the Alpinestars 250cc Pro Class.

Pro Circuit 125cc Pro Class

In the first 125cc heat race,’s Andrew Short (who was riding in both classes) took the win ahead of Boost Mobile/Yamaha/Troy Racing’s Mike Brown…and there would be plenty of fireworks between those two before the night was over.

In the other 125cc heat, it seemed like a race that no one wanted to win. Sobe Suzuki’s Broc Hepler took over the lead from Boost Mobile/Yamaha/Troy Racing’s Kelly Smith, but Broc suffered a mechanical and scored a DNF. (Broc later crashed in the whoops during the LCQ, which kept him out of the main event.) Broc’s troubles handed the lead to Kelly Smith, but he and KTM-mounted Casey Lytle tangled and crashed, handing the lead to Amsoil Chaparral Honda’s Ryan Mills, who took the win ahead of Team ECC’s Evan Laughridge.

The Pro Circuit 125cc Main saw another Kelly Smith holeshot, but Mike Brown quickly took over the lead. Smith held down second, while Andrew Short and Boost Mobile/Yamaha/Troy Racing’s Josh Hansen fought over third and fourth spots. Friday night’s winner, Chris Gosselaar, was in sixth.

As the laps wound own, it became a three-rider race between Mike Brown, Kelly Smith, and Andrew Short. Short made his way by Kelly Smith, and set his sights on Brownie. After Short made an aggressive but clean inside move for the lead, it was close between the two, but in the next corner, Brown pushed Short into the tuf blocks, and Short crashed. After the race, Brown caught plenty of flack from the spectators, but wasn’t having any of it, and responded with, “If you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen. It was racing. I just took the inside line and he crashed. These people never like a winner.”

With his 2-2 for the two nights of racing, Kelly Smith scooped the overall for the 125cc class.

Pro Circuit 125cc Pro Class Overall

  1. Kelly Smith; Yamaha
  2. Mike Brown; Yamaha
  3. Troy Adams; Yamaha
  4. Ryan Mills; Honda
  5. Chris Gosselaar; Honda
  6. Andrew Short; Suzuki
  7. Greg Schnell; Yamaha
  8. Steve Mertens; Yamaha
  9. Tommy Hoffmaster; Yamaha
  10. Josh Hansen; Yamaha
  11. Michael Blose; Yamaha
  12. Broc Hepler; Suzuki

Alpinestars 250cc Pro Class

In the 250cc heat races, Honda’s Ernesto Fonseca continued the string of good starts that he showed off on Friday night, grabbing the lead in front of Amsoil Chaparral Honda’s Mike LaRocco, Yamaha-mounted Josh Demuth, Andrew Short, and Honda’s Ricky Carmichael. Ernie put in a solid ride to take the win, while Carmichael worked his way through the pack, passing Friday night’s winner, Yamaha’s David Vuillemin, shortly before the end of the heat. Vuillemin finished third ahead of LaRocco, and Demuth grabbed the final transfer spot.

Yamaha’s Chad Reed made easy work of the second heat race, finishing ahead of Sobe Suzuki’s Nick Wey, who looked much better than he did on Friday night. Isaiah Johnson put in an inspired ride for third, while Subway’s Joe Oehlhof took fourth. Team Solitaire’s Ryan Clark snatched away the final transfer spot from Tyler Evans (who was aboard a Fasst Co Honda) on the last lap.

When the gate dropped on the 250cc main event, Ernesto Fonseca moved out front again, and once things settled down, it was Carmichael, Vuillemin and Reed hot on his tail, but a bobble a few laps later dropped him to fourth. Carmichael, Reed and DV (the reverse order of Friday night’s finish) were now in control. A few laps later, Reed blew by RC in the whoops to take over the lead. RC tried to answer back, but without ssuccess.

Reed and RC continued to pull away, from Vuillemin, who would later say that, “I was a little off tonight, and wasn’t comfortable in the whoops.”

RC kept the pressure on all the way to the finish, and got close when Reed started backing off, but Reed’s 2-1 score over the two nights gave him the win, and the $100,000 winner’s check. RC gave Reed full props afterward. “I gave it 100%, but I got my butt kicked. I was a second place guy tonight. I need to be better in the hoops. I’m working, working, working, trying to step up to Chad’s level in supercross.”

Vuillemin’s third place finish gave him second overall for the weekend, and $35,000. “It’s been a great weekend and had a lot of fun. It’s good to race supercross again. The last six months, Chad has been the best rider in supercross. It’s great to practice and train with him.”

On the podium, Chad Reed was as gracious as ever, but when asked how the $100,000 winner’s prize would look in his wallet, he had an awesome response. “It’s not going to stay in my wallet for long. I have a friend from Australia who was recently paralyzed. He needs an air ticket home and a wheelchair. This is for him.”

Saturday’s Alpinestars 250cc Pro Class

  1. Chad Reed; Yamaha
  2. Ricky Carmichael; Honda
  3. David Vuillemin; Yamaha
  4. Ernesto Fonseca; Honda
  5. Mike LaRocco; Honda
  6. Nicky Wey; Suzuki
  7. Josh Demuth; Yamaha
  8. Ryan Clark; Yamaha
  9. Joe Oehlhof; Honda
  10. Keith Johnson; Yamaha

Alpinestars 250cc Pro Class Overall

  1. Chad Reed; Yamaha
  2. David Vuillemin; Yamaha
  3. Ricky Carmichael; Honda
  4. Mike LaRocco; Honda
  5. Ernesto Fonseca; Honda
  6. Josh Demuth; Yamaha
  7. Nicky Wey; Suzuki
  8. Ryan Clark Yamaha
  9. Jason Thomas; Honda
  10. Joe Oehlhof; Honda