McGrath to Contest Great American Hillclimb

TransWorld Motocross has learned that seven-time Supercross Champion Jeremy McGrath will venture into a new form of motorcycle competition this weekend. The Billings Motorcycle Club’s Great American Hillclimb takes place this weekend in Billing’s Montana, and MC will contest not one, but two classes: the 0-600cc Rubber class (traditional tires), and the 0-700cc Exhibition class (anything goes: metal paddles, etc.).


The Great American Hillclimb was made popular by the Fox Racing Terrafirma videos, in which competitors were shown riding up the monstrous hill that makes the old school Widowmaker look like a pee wee run. The climb is sheer vertical face at the top, and riders who don’t make it are often saved by club members with crowbars attached to ropes.

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