MDK Responds to AMA

To whom it may concern:

MDK Motorsports in general and Nick Wey in particular has been wrongfully accused and irreparably harmed by an inaccurate and ill-advised ruling on non-compliant fuel by the American Motorcyclist Association. MDK Motorsports states emphatically and categorically that its procurement, storage, and use of VP Racing Fuel MR9.1 was consistent with all AMA compliance protocols and procedures.

For the record, we state that the fuel used for the first three rounds and potentially for the balance of the season has been an unaltered supply of VP Racing Fuels MR9.1. This fuel has been selected for its performance capabilities and compliance with AMA fuel requirements. Similarly, MDK Motorsports stipulates that no intended or incidental modifications were ever made to the fuel purchased, by the race team in general or Nick Wey in particular. We would ask that the AMA explain how both factory and privateer teams can participate effectively in AMA sanctioned events, when they cannot be certain that their fuel will be compliant with AMA requirements upon the conclusion of a race event. The current situation is untenable and cannot continue. MDK Motorsports demands that the AMA provide a workable alternative to current fuel sampling and testing protocols.

The AMA has demonstrated gross negligence in their handling of this situation, in that they failed to inform the team that we were out of compliance for both the Phoenix and Anaheim 2 Supercross rounds in a timely fashion. And for the record, MDK Motorsports was not informed of fuel non-compliance for the Phoenix round until after 9AM on Saturday, 1/27/07, at San Francisco Supercross. The AMA Pro Racing Rule Book outlines the Fuel Specifications and Fuel Test Procedure, but is clearly missing any statement about how the tests are actually performed. It appears that the AMA’s testing procedures are not sufficient to achieve any consistent test measurement and are wrongfully applied to the detriment of riders, teams, and the industry at large.

MDK Motorsports formally requests that we be provided the sample “c removed from Nick Wey’s race bike at both Phoenix and Anaheim 2 for our own analysis and testing. Furthermore, we request that Nick Wey’s points and purse be restored, since clearly the AMA’s application of fuel testing is woefully inadequate and detrimental to everyone involved. We demand a written protocol of the AMA fuel testing procedures, not simply documentation of the test fuel collection procedure.

MDK Motorsports respectfully requests a formal meeting with the appropriate AMA officials to establish a system that will allow a privateer team to insure it has compliant fuel for racing in the AMA.

Nick Wey and the entire MDK Motorsports team is dedicated to a level of professionalism that reflects good sportsmanship and demonstrates the integrity of our brand and our sponsors’ brands. The capricious nature of the AMA’s accusations will not go unchallenged. MDK Motorsports intends to exercise all possible legal and civil means to restore our good name and recover both current and potential future financial damages.


Mark D. Kvamme
MDK Motorsports, LLC