Newbury Park, CA. MDK Speed, continuing to show their awesome support for the privateers of the sport, is hosting the Wonder Warthog Racing/DeCal Works Hog Haven tryouts on Oct 30th. This tryout/testing session will take place in Hollister, California.

MDK will provide full on “works” race bikes for the selected DeCal Works/Hog Haven applicants to ride. The day will consist of evaluating the riders based on speed and character while letting them experience first-hand the powerful motors, tuned suspension, and light weight of the MDK bikes.

Although many of the tryout slots have been allocated, MDK and WWR have agreed to continue to invite more riders to the event if the hosts believe they are capable of making main events consistently in 2008 — this is the bar that has been set for riders in the program.

WWR appreciates the time and effort that MDK puts into our Decal Works/Hog Haven program, which will consist of fifteen riders, the largest team in Supercross history.

The Wonder Warthog Racing website can be found at while MDK Motorsports can be seen at

Interested riders can contact Scott Kandel at or 213 268-2659.