If you haven’t been paying attention to the past few months of Metal Mulisha ads in the latest TransWorld Motocross issues, shame on you! They are arguably some of the most creative ads in the mag. Over the past few months, MM has taken a road trip to San Francisco with Derek Garland and Larry Linkogle to poach a few hits in the heart of the city; driven down the road from their offices to San Clemente with Nixey Danielson to session a roadside tabletop; and now for the new issue soon to hit newstands, poached a random industrial complex in Orange County with Twitch. Needless to say, we don’t condone neighborhood motocross or poaching random buildings and jumps in the middle of town, but Metal Mulisha has definitely brought a fresh new ad campaign to the pages of TWMX in a very unique way that only MM can do. Below are the ads that have shown up over the past few months. Also, if you’re interested in seeing some behind-the-scenes footage of the ad shoots, click the link below.


January Ad: Larry Linkogle


February Ad: Derek Garland


March Ad: Nixey Danielson


April Ad (soon to be released): Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg