Metal Mulisha World Domination Vol. 1 DVD

TEMECULA, CA. (December 1, 2004) — The Metal Mulisha has finally released a video and this ain’t no ordinary dirt bike/freestyle montage either!! Viewers will get to go back stage & behind the scenes, VIP style, with Deegan, Faisst, Twitch, Enslow, Dayne Kinnaird, Luke Urek & Dan Pastor as they travel and wreak havoc on the world. Ever wonder what the Mulisha Mafia get up to when they’re not jumping dirt bikes, get inebriated or stay up all night?? Director Dave Dawes answers all these questions and more in this (sort of) documentary style DVD.

Here’s what some heavy weight industry insiders have to say about the video:

“All the stuff Travis Pastrana’s mom told him not to do, the Metal Mulisha turned into an art form — Jerry Bernardo — President for Life/FAH-Q Racing

“In 1954 director Laslo Benedek and lead actor Marlon Brando created a movie called The Wild One. The motorcycle gang featured in the movie, the Black Rebels, terrified America. 50 years later, the Metal Mulisha are keeping that very same spirit alive. — Eric Johnson — Editor/Racer X Illustrated.

The Metal Mulisha World Domination vol. 1 DVD is available now!! Rush to your local dirt bike shop to pick up a copy. If they don’t have it, call 877-Mulisha or visit and we’ll tell you where to get one.