Michael Byrne Injury Update

Michael Byrne crashed hard over a triple in the early laps of the Indy supercross on February 9th. Upon impact Mike was left gasping for air and he passed out from a lack of oxygen.

This morning, we spoke with Byrne’s teammate Mike LaRocco who was at his side in the hospital. “Michael suffered a collapsed lung, a chipped bone in his ankle and has a broken rib, ” said LaRocco. “Thankfully that is all the major injuries he sustained from that crash.”

Byrne was dicing with team Blimpie Suzuki’s Buddy Antunez in early laps of the main, and it looked like th two might have been on a collision course when Byrne jumped off his machine. LaRocco, however, added that, “there was no contact with Buddy and we think that something might have gone wrong with Michael’s bike on takeoff.”

Byrne should be back in a few weeks, however his hopes for a title in the Eastern Region 125cc SX Series are gone.