Michael Pichon To Give America Another (Part-Time) Try?

Lately it seems like there’s a French invasion on the Supercross scene. Besides 250cc heavyweights like David Vuillemin, Sebastian Tortelli and Stephane Roncada, there are more recent 125cc additions like Eric Sorby, Matthieu Lalloz, and Mickael Maschio. Catch the right day at Roncada’s house, and you might think you were in the south of France, instead of the south of the 909.

Continuing that theme, we had this item at www.mickael-pichon.com translated…

I’ll tell you a little about my debut programme for 2003. I will soon start moto riding again, having only rolled out 3 or 4 times since the last GP…the last time goes back to the Shark Xtreme. This break did me some good and I now feel ready to resume training and physical preparation. With this purpose, to round out my training, I will take part in several U.S.Supercross championship races… I depart for the U.S. on January 10th, and according to my level of physical fitness and speed, I will see if I willrace in them or not, as I would like to do so under good conditions so as not to injure myself prior to the GP… If all goes well, I will attendSan Francisco, Anaheim 3 and San Diego.

I decided to go to the U.S. for a change of pace and to be able to train under better weather conditions than are available here. I will attendraces and visit with friends. I’ve been pondering this challenge since October, wanted to do it with the objective of super-intense race trainingbut due to lack of motivation and bad weather, I started in a little too late… Further, I had a very busy month of December : sponsors, UFO, prizeawarding appearances, in short, I put on the costume a bunch of times! This time I go into competition without any particular objective, risk suffering,certainly, but that is the goal! I go to prepare myself a little differently and for my own pleasure.

In the U.S. I will be greeted by American Suzuki for my gear.

It’s starting to look like early-season Supercross events are turning into a training tool for GP competitors. This should make an already interesting 2003 season even more compelling.