Mike Brown Off U.S. MXDN Team

Following a meeting regarding the Motocross des Nations last Sunday at Binghamton, New York that included Kevin Windham, Ricky Carmichael, Roger DeCoster, and Steve Whitelock of the AMA (and not Mike Brown), and while smack-dab in the middle of preparations for his Motocross des Nations effort, Mike Brown was informed by the AMA this afternoon that he will not be a member of the 2005 US Team as previously announced. With all personal and sponsor reservations confirmed Mike must now unwind those efforts, personally absorb the cost of all those reservations and preparations, and stay home.

Apparently, the decision to remove Brownie from this year’s Team came from Kevin Windham, Ricky Carmichael, and Steve Whitelock. Completely caught off-guard by the decision especially considering that this effort is all on Brown’s coin, Mike was totally pumped to finally be realizing his MXDN dreams. However, with those dreams now shattered Brownie must focus on finishing up this year’s National Series on a positive note, and then look towards preparing for the 2006 AMA 250 Supercross and 125 National Motocross Series, which he’ll be riding.

Brownie only hopes that his replacement (whoever that may be) will be 110% dedicated and committed to this effort as he was and wishes the rest of the US Team the best of luck in their effort to bring the MXDN trophy back home to the US, which is where it belongs.

Mike, his Team, and his family would like to thank all of their sponsors and fans for their support of Mike’s 2005 efforts, as follows: Ken and Kirk Hayes and the entire staff at JIM’S Motorcycle Sales, Parts Unlimited, Thor, Randy Richardson and Michelin, Deluge Spring Water, HJC Helmets, Utopia, Alpinestars, Renthal, Etnie’s Shoes, N-Style, Tokyo Mods, Vortex Ignitions, Plasticwerks, Haan Wheels, Big Minis, SDG, Bel Ray, Honda Red Rider’s Club, and The Netwerk, LLC.