Mike LaRocco and the CRF450

Since Ryan Hughes was knocked out a few weeks ago, and has decided not to finish out the rest of the Outdoor National series, Honda went searching for another pilot. Since the CRF450 is still in its developmental stages, it’s crucial that the bike be ridden and raced as much as possible. Honda went searching for a candidate to race their thumper, but didn’t have to look far.

They asked Mike LaRocco if he would take on the task of racing the CRF450 in the last three Nationals, and he agreed. Mike has been out in the SoCal area for the last few weeks testing the four-stroke, and he’s looking fast. We’ve seen him a few times, and it appears that he’ll be able to fill Ryno’s shoes. He doesn’t have much time on his new ride, but we’re sure that LaRocket will pull through for Honda. Heck, maybe this is what he needs to win a National or two. Look for Mike to be riding the Honda CRF450 on August 19th at Millville, Minnesota, and at Binghamton and finally, during the last round at Steel City.