Mike LaRocco Update

Last week, Team Amsoil/Factory Connection/Honda’s Mike LaRocco threw his leg over a motorcycle for the first time since suffering a severely dislocated wrist in February at the Atlanta SX.

“It sure felt good to ride again,” said LaRocco, who was obviously delighted to be back. “I rode on my private track in Indiana last week, and again this weekend.”

Since he plans to contest the 250cc Nationals aboard a Honda CRF450R, LaRocco took his first spin in a couple months aboard one of the thundering four-strokes. “I figured that if that’s what I am going to race, I might as well start getting used to it right now,” he said. “The bike is so good – much better than the one I raced last year – and I am excited about racing it all season long.”

When asked how his tender wrist held up under the stress of riding, The Rock replied, “Well, it was hard to ride for more than a few laps before it would start to get tired, and as a result I could only ride a few laps at a time. I didn’t have any scary wrist lock or anything, but it was hard to have good throttle control when it would get fatigued.”

LaRocco will fly back to his Corona, California, home this Thursday and begin testing for the upcoming 250cc National kickoff at Glen Helen raceway park in only two short weeks. “Right now, the plan is to go through all the motions as if I am going to ride Glen Helen for sure,” said LaRocco. “I am going to do everything possible to prepare for the first race, just so I can salvage some points. If I feel that it is unsafe, though, I will sit out until I am ready.”

Here’s hoping that LaRocco’s number 5 CRF450R will be on the starting line, come May 12.