Mike Metzger Flips the Caesars Palace Fountains

After months of preparation and training the Godfather of freestyle Mike Metzger successfully completed a backflip over the famous fountains in front of Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas.

For the jump, Metzger had a special 20-foot tall take-off and landing built, with a safe run-off immediately following the landing. All told, it was quite a spectacle with easily thousands of spectators on hand to witness the impressive leap. Leading up the jump there were rumors that Metz had already practiced on it, and in fact, completed a backflip; however, that wasn’t confirmed. One thing was for sure, though, Metz definitely made the entire feat look pretty easy.

Following the jump, Metzger was awarded a World Record Certificate for the longest backflip ever recorded on a dirt bike, and to say he was excited would be an understatement. For Metzger, though, it was just another accomplishment to add to his list. After all, he was the first guy to ever land a ramp to dirt flip on a dirt bike in the first place.