Mike Metzger Update

We got this note from Russ Stratton, updating Metz’s condition after a recent crash…

Saw your mention of Mike¿s crash on the TransWorld website and wanted to update you and your readers. It actually occurred during his performance at the Geneva Supercross in Switzerland. He over rotated on a Nac Nac back flip and landed on top of the motorcycle and the foot peg caught him in the groin.  He¿s resting well and is in good spirits and is showing signs of that trademark Metzger humor regarding the situation. The doctor is saying he may be released toward the end of the week and we are hoping that he can fly home on Saturday.

Wishes for a speedy recovery can be sent to getwellmetz@hotmail.com and will be relayed to Metz at the hospital in Switzerland.

My guess is when those things are as big as Metzger¿s seem to be, he¿ll get along fine with one.