Millsaps, Tedesco, Hepler, Albrecht, Coombs, Prater, Beams, Flanders on DMXS Tonight

There is something to be said for a clean slate in sports. Whether it’s the Mets or Dolphins, there is always the escape clause where next year brings the promise of hope and a fresh start. That is why Anaheim 1 serves as a long overdue redemption for some, and with Ricky Carmichael watching from the booth, it also serves as a new chapter in our sport. There is no doubt that the GOAT’s absence will leave a void, but there are plenty of riders that want their piece of the next chapter, and the sport waits for no one.

One of those riders that are looking for a fresh start is Factory Honda’s Davi “Ronnie Millsaps, who suffered the dreaded femur injury last year that all but derailed his entire 2007 effort. The popular Georgian is healthy and could not be more ready for the gate to drop on January 5, 2008.

Aside from the U.S. Open, Anaheim 1 is also where the teams and their new riders make a grand entrance and race debut. Factory Honda’s Ivan “Ketchup Tedesco switched colors in the off season and looks to find some of the magic from his rookie season in the Supercross class. Ivan is a badass dude, and we always enjoy his time on DMXS.

Broc “The Hulk Hepler has also been plagued with off season injuries that have conspired to ruin entire seasons. He has always had the speed to run up front when healthy, so Broc should be in the mix in 2008.

Racer X’s Davey Coombs is well respected by the entire sport and is concerned for its well-being. There have been several developments with the AMA and the nationals that have the future a bit unstable. DC will break it all down for us this evening as we hold our collective breath as it sorts itself out.

Live Nation has some cool things planned this year including the much anticipated retro Anaheim 2 track. They are not holding back with Bailey and Johnson themselves overseeing the throwback race. With all the teams decked out in ’86 gear and graphics, it should be one to remember. There are plenty of things to catch up on and Live Nation’s Director of Supercross, Dave Prater, will join us with all the details.

As a diehard Redskins fan, I have always admired Joe Gibbs and his dedication to my team. I was not surprised at his success and domination in NASCAR and look for the same results in motocross in a few years. They have the personnel, sponsors, and structure in place to make it happen. JGRMX’s team manager is one of our favorite people in the sport and we could not be more pleased with their choice. Jeremy “JBone Albrecht will give us an update on his team as they prepare for their inaugural race in a few weeks. (P.S. The Skins will destroy the Vikings next week and still make the playoffs)

Robb Beams from is offering an incredible opportunity for some amateur racers. He will select five riders from the submitted resumes for complimentary coaching and training. Robb is the official trainer for the Toyota TMX amateur program and has an impressive and growing list of clients. This is open to all ages and skill levels, so submit your resume to for review. He will be joining us with more details tonight.

If its Supercross time, then it must be MotoXDream time. Steve Flanders has done a great job with his fantasy league and has made it the industry standard as bench racers test their team manager skills against the rest of the country for awesome prizes. Check out to sign up!

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